Friday, January 04, 2008

Winter Weather

After going from Illinois winters to Tennessee winters, I now understand how my Wisconsin-native parents felt about Kentucky winters. They're wimpy! It just doesn't get cold. The first two winters here, I kept wondering when winter would actually come. It felt more like a prolonged autumn.

I would laugh at my Tennessee-native friends and colleagues, who would bundle up at the first sign of the temperature dipping below 50. Those first two years, I would occasionally don thermal underwear, but I never got out my super heavy Illinois coat.

The past two days, however, have been remarkably cold for Tennessee. The temperature did not make it above freezing at all, and in the morning on my way to work, the temperature was in the teens. So I pulled out the Illinois coat and gloves, and felt pleasantly nostalgic. Okay, so the low temperature (14 degrees yesterday) was a temperature that would pass for a high in Illinois, but it felt good to don the accoutrements of cold weather, zip up that coat, and fumble with my keys through the thick gloves.


EcoGeoFemme said...

I think our high in IL yesterday was only around 20F. But we're supposed to get TN weather (50s!) in the next few days. Woopee!

Anonymous said...

I laugh at people here who start complaining about cold at 30. I tell them 30 isn't cold. They should go spend January in northern IL to truly experience cold.