Sunday, July 27, 2008

Anniversary Marriage Equality Post

Over the past several years, I have posted something on the occasion of our wedding anniversary concerning my sadness that others are still deprived of experiencing the wedded state that Jeff and I are allowed by virtue of our unmatched 23rd chromosomal pairs. Let this year be no exception.

The difference is that there seems to be a glimmer of hope this year. California's state supreme court ruled that the state must allow same-sex marriages to take place. There is a measure on the ballot in November that threatens to outlaw same-sex marriages, however, but it does not look like it will receive enough support to pass. But I plan to donate to the pro-marriage-equality side sometime soon, as an anniversary gift to myself.

I will leave you with some interesting readings on the subject:

I Do -- And Why: This is an article explaining why Greta Christina and her longtime partner got married when marriage was opened up to same-sex couples in California. Good for in case you wonder why same-sex couples can't just be happy with civil unions.

An Exercise in Empathy: This one I enjoyed because like me, the author is an atheist who is in a relationship with a believer. (The reason I had time to make two posts this morning? Jeff has taken Vinny to Quaker Meeting with him.)


Anonymous said...

One of my husband's close college buddies, and a groomsman at our wedding, is getting married this fall in California. I am so incredibly excited and happy for him that he and his partner are able to join in marriage, and I am sure that it will be a beautiful and memorable wedding.

I also sincerely hope that nothing happens in the future to prevent or challenge the legality of their marriage. I wish that worry wasn't there. :-/

Arwen said...

Somehow I missed that your husband is Quaker!

Rebecca said...

Arwen, he only recently started attending Quaker meeting -- the first time was the day after I got back from the West Coast! He grew up Pentecostal but kind of drifted away from that. After taking an online survey (at beliefnet, perhaps?) upon which he scored highest Quaker out of any of the choices, he decided to try it out. So far, I think he really likes it!