Friday, September 11, 2009

Nine Eleven

Today's normally somber mood is somewhat lightened by the fact that it's my last day of work before we go on vacation! But still, it is quite a sad day.

On this fateful day eight years ago, I was getting ready to go to class. I'd showered and gotten dressed, and was eating my cereal and surfing the internet when I got an email from my sister who was living in DC saying that she was fine, and not to worry.


So I went onto and I could barely get on and saw that the first plane had hit the twin towers and the plane had hit the Pentagon. There was speculation that a plane had hit the White House too. At that point I had to leave to catch my bus, but I remember thinking, "This can't be a coincidence."

As the day progressed, I was able to get more and more information. I watched them bulldozing and searching for survivors live on TV.

What were you doing that day?


ScienceGirl said...

I was house/pet sitting for a family that has gone on vacation (school hasn't started for me yet as I was on a quarter system, and I had just gotten laid off from my job due to the 2001 recession). I fed all the pets and spent the morning outside with the dog, and only later turned on the TV. And then I sat in disbelief glued to the news for hours instead of making job inquiries like I had planned.

Marvis said...

I was doing therapy with kids, one of whom was a gang member and kind of rowdy that day. When the time was up, I dismissed the group and headed to the school office, where I saw the staff there still working, but with shocked facial expressions.The TV sound was very low. Twice they showed the twin towers being hit before I had to head down the hall to get my next group. A kid was running down the hall screaming.."Do it it again" as if he had seen a video game. He had glimpsed the twin towers clip on the office TV, although most students knew nothing about what was going on. The principal had to bring him back to the office to call his parents, but they could not be contacted. Someone in the office sat with him, in room that had no TV. I wanted to call my own kids, and bring them to my house, but I had to stay at work do therapy groups instead and keep the students calm.It was a hard day. This particular school rarely felt safe, but that day, it seemed that no public building was safe.