Friday, January 08, 2010


So, we had some snow here yesterday afternoon. It's maybe 1/4 inch, tops, which wouldn't be that big of a deal to this former Illinoisian, except for two things: 1, the crazy Tennessee drivers, and 2, the ice. My normal 25-minute commute turned into a 90-minute commute last night. It took me 45 minutes just to get out of the gate at my workplace. I don't believe I've ever driven for so long in first gear. I had to take an alternate route as well, because when I saw the long line of cars backed up on the big hill where I turn left, I decided it would be prudent to keep going straight and take the long, roundabout way. Once I did that, I started to be able to drive faster than 5 mph -- up to 30 or 35 on the main road, which was wet but not icy. The most hair-raising part of my drive was actually driving down my driveway -- it is kind of steep and points down, so if it had been slippery I could have damaged my house in addition to my car. Luckily it was just fine.

My workplace is on a two-hour delay this morning, so I am not late (yet). I figured it would be smart to wait until the sun may have melted the stuff on my driveway before trying to back the car out.

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