Saturday, June 12, 2010

Plans for the Next Week

This next week is going to be incredibly busy.

  • The week begins with taking Vinny to summer school, same place as preschool, but at an earlier time.  Hopefully I will time it all right.
  • Once at work, I warm up with a meeting that I have every Monday morning and absolutely abhor. 
  • My second summer student arrives.  Pick him up from his orientation, and then set him up with his computer accounts, go through orientation and training info, etc.  The timing may be such that I can get out of that meeting a little early!
  • New employee arrives, and since I am still emergency backup group leader, I get to go to his new employee luncheon and then set him up with accounts, go through orientation information, etc.  Maybe I can do some of this at the same time as I do the student's stuff.
  • Turn in everything I want to have printed out for Thursday and Friday's supercomputing course.  Endure the wrath of my admin when she discovers she's going to have to print out something like 8000 pages of material.  Thank goodness for amazing modern copier technology!
  • Finish reviewing a proposal that I don't actually know much about, but agreed to do because it was one of those things you can't say no to.
  • Try to spend some time with my grad summer student, working with her on compiling and instrumenting some code that she theoretically can finally access.
  • Ping somebody to give me some code that I want my undergraduate summer student to use for the summer.
  • Argue with people about granting priority to a project that really needs high priority.
  • Make sure that a poster I requested will be available in time for me to take it when I go on business travel next week.
  • Continue to fight for undergrad's new accounts, and new employee's new accounts.
  • Hold group meeting and tell everyone to get a dang ergonomic evaluation already unless they want to have a nasty scar on their elbow (or worse)
  • Write up something to tide my high school student over when she arrives on Monday and I am gone until Thursday late afternoon.
  • Do a phone interview with a potential postdoc (or this could take place on Wednesday).
  • Celebrate my boss' first day back at work after his two and a half week vacation!
  • Brief him on everything he missed
  • Work with my students (hopefully the undergrad has his accounts at this point)
  • Perhaps I will have some time to do some actual work
  • Make sure that all my travel plans for next week are in order
  • Beginning course for the supercomputing course
  • Assist my colleague who teaches this day
  • Sneak out and go to a mandatory meeting with a visitor
  • Come home and entertain my sister, should-be sister-in-law, and nephew
  • Say goodbye to my sister et al.
  • Advanced course for the supercomputing course
  • I have to teach this all day
  • Miss out on a full-day mandatory meeting which was only scheduled last week (supercomputing course has been on the books for a couple of months now)
  • Take Vinny and Jeff to playdate with a man and his 3-year-old whom I met at the children's museum a few weeks ago and who is new to town.  Hopefully I will have invited a bunch of other parents with similarly-aged children, as he requested, as well.
  • Possibly go to an outdoor concert featuring Chubby Checker, but it may just be too danged hot, sticky, and crowded to do that.
  • Do laundry and pack for my trip.

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