Wednesday, September 01, 2010

More Okra Adventures

We still have a lifetime supply of okra, so I tried to find more recipes for it.  I got in the mood for something involving corn and okra, and I found a recipe that inspired me to make a delicious vegetable dish.  First I fried up four slices of bacon.  Then I took the crispy bacon out of the pan and added some chopped garlic and sliced okra.  I fried that up until the okra looked pretty well cooked, then added a package of frozen corn.  After that looked like it was thawed out and mostly warm, I added a large tomato, diced.  At some point I also added salt and pepper to taste.  After everything was piping hot, I crumbled up the bacon on top of it.

This dish was absolutely to die for.  The okra was not slimy at all, and the other veggies and the bacon made it just plain delicious.

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