Tuesday, November 02, 2010

New Shoes!

This past weekend, I got some new running shoes.  I realized, when I was stretching before the night race early last month, that the bottoms of my shoes were so worn out that they were slick!  So I went on Saturday and bought a new pair of shoes.

My old ones were okay, but they rubbed a little too much on my little toes, so I got a new pair that was wider in the foot.  The problem is that they are also wider in the heel which makes me feel a little like my foot is going to come out of the shoe, unless I tie them in a special way, the runner's tie.  (By the way, can I just say, that website is cool and there is some awesome math behind shoelaces and tying knots/bows!  Also, there are some really interesting ways to lace up your shoes there.)

Anyhow, I'll let you know how they work out for me.

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Madeleine said...

I hope your new shoes fit really well. But if they don't, you might be interested in my favorite running shoes (which I wear every day). I have narrowish heels, wide toes, and serious pronation. I love my Brookes Addiction shoes. I don't need their "wide" version, though it does exist if your toes are even wider than mine.

I also love that shoelace site. The last time my daughter got new sneakers, the salesperson taught us a new knot, which we call a "double double knot." It is like the Surgeon's Knot on Ian's page, except that you also loop the end around twice in the first part (the X before you start with the loops). It holds well but pulls out with a tug, unlike the traditional double knot.