Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Losing 400 lbs

We have been cleaning our house lately.  We finally just got really sick of all the mess, so we started cleaning it out.  Jeff joked that our house had lost 400 pounds (thus the title of this post).  He could be right: several loads to the recycling center later, our house is starting to look good.

We finally unpacked the last of the boxes we had moved here more than five years ago.  I went through a lot of papers and shredded the documents we no longer needed.  We also cleaned out closets and piled unwanted clothing into boxes, in preparation for Vinny's school's annual garage sale.  In the closet next to the front door, I discovered a lot of things I had forgotten that we had, such as some felt to put on chair bottoms and some markers you can use on windows.  That closet is now bare, except for a few coats, and it is also the vacuum cleaner's new home.

A few weeks ago I scrubbed the kitchen floor with a scrub brush, getting all the dirt out of the pits and pores of the vinyl, and it now looks really good.  After we finish with all the clutter, we plan to hire somebody to come in and clean the place, from top to bottom.  It will be so nice to have a really clean house again, and hopefully after this we will keep it that way.

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Anonymous said...

oh man. what an inspiration!!! -anne