Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Feeling Better

I'm feeling slightly better now, after having drowned whatever bug I had in liters and liters of beverages. Also, I slept fairly well last night, and woke up after 7 feeling refreshed instead of exhausted.

I stayed here until about ten after six last night, finishing up my thesis and the talk I'm to give at IBM tomorrow. Luckily there were only minor changes to be made to the thesis, so I was able to make them and then send it straight to the committee without another iteration of corrections. And I sent off the file for my seminar to my host at IBM, who confirmed that he had received it and that it worked.

And soon I'm off to the airport to fly to New York. I hate flying, but I hate driving even worse, so flying it is. Also, I guess it really wouldn't be realistic to drive to New York at this time. I was feeling really nervous about getting myself to the hotel tonight because it will be dark and I'll be trying to find this strange hotel, but my clever husband figured out something to help me. He bought me a little lamp that you strap to your forehead and it shines a red light. That way, you can use it to illuminate your surroundings (or in my case, map!) without forcing your eyes to readjust to the darkness. This will be very helpful to me, because that way I won't have to try to memorize the directions. I put the lamp in my checked luggage, because I didn't want to risk the airport security people thinking it was an implement of terrorism or something.

I'll be in New York all day Wednesday, and then I'll return late Thursday night. I'll be back with more of my exciting dispatches on Friday.

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