Thursday, July 14, 2005

Adventures in Feeling Lazy

I have very little left to do on my dissertation, leaving me with next to no motivation. Add to that the fact that my advisor is out of town all week, I have finished all my interviews, and my job offers are "in the mail," as it were, and my motivation to work is very close to zero.

Oh, there are things I could do. Like work on preparing my thesis research for a journal article or two. Like clean out my desk so that I can make a fast getaway when the time comes. Like print out my title page and walk over to the grad college to have it checked, or walk my application for degree to the office of admissions and records. Instead I sit here and ramble in my blog.

But, just to make it worthwhile, I will tell you something wonderful I discovered. My left hand, the hand with which I write, is injured, and writing much more than my signature makes it hurt. There are all these forms that I need to fill out for various branches of administrativa so that I can get my degree, send out transcripts, etc. I have discovered that for many of these forms, one can download a pdf file and then use Adobe Acrobat Reader to fill it out. You just click on the line, right where you would write the information, and start typing. You can't save the file if all you have is Reader, but you can print it out and then just sign the form and send it in. That is about the maximum amount of writing I am capable of these days, so this is perfect for me.

I'm tired of being unable to write. I used to do calligraphy, but with the hand problem, that activity is right out. I'm looking forward to getting a job and having actual health insurance. One of the first things I'm going to do with real health insurance is get my hand looked at.

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