Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Adventures in Finishing Up

I am just about done with everything. Yesterday my advisor approved my additions and gave me permission to proceed with the deposit process. Today I did the departmental thesis format review. Tomorrow I will probably do the thesis office format review. The only other task remaining is to write the abstract for the commercial thesis publishing folks, print out the two copies of the thesis plus paperwork, write the check for the deposit fee, and schlep the whole thing over to the Grad College for deposit.

And today I got a call from my dear friend at Los Alamos, who is now going to offer me a salary that seems incredibly high. One friend asked me if I was being recruited to play football for the NFL, because it seemed NFL-worthy. Not superstar quarterback level, but at least average linebacker or wide receiver level.

The Los Alamos guy asked me if I would consider taking a lie detector test to get an express clearance (taking only four months instead of two years), to which I said yes. I told him that I would be an ideal candidate for the express clearance process, having lived an extremely boring life, never even trying a cigarette or traveling anywhere more exotic than Sweden.

They're going to fax me the offer today, and overnight it to me so that it should arrive tomorrow. I am very excited about this. As soon as I fax a copy of it to Oak Ridge, I should be able to get my offer from them, and then there will be a difficult decision to be made.

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