Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Adventures in Getting Ready to Leave

Yesterday Jeff called a real estate agent to look over our house and give an asking price for our house so that we could give it to the woman who was interested in our house. I told Jeff to look in the phone book for somebody who has a big ad saying that they like to sell houses. The agent came over on the same day, and did a walkthrough of the house. His starting price turned out to be about what I had thought. Our investment has increased in value by nearly 50%.

Unfortunately, the price was out of range for the woman who was interested in buying our house for her real estate empire. So we are just going to get this real estate agent to sell it now. I have signed all the forms I need to sign before leavnig for Tennessee.

I called the man at Oak Ridge who coordinates with the movers, and I told him to go ahead and award the contract to someone. So one of the movers should be getting in touch with Jeff to arrange a time to pack and move our stuff.

And I moved all my stuff out of my office. It was weird and a little sad to see it so empty. I'm going to miss that place. Unfortunately, I left my plant in the hot car for too long, and it got damaged. I'm hoping it will recover.

Jeff got me a hardbound copy of my dissertation. It's really beautiful. At the end he added ten blank pages, and told me to have people sign the pages, like a yearbook. So I went around collecting messages and signatures. It's going to be a nifty keepsake. What a clever idea he had!

This morning the man from the church that is sponsoring the people from New Orleans came and collected a lot more stuff from us. Also the maid service came and cleaned all our windows. So we have gleaming, shiny windows now. They look great! We should have cleaned them a long time ago!

Tonight I teach children's karate for the last time. I am really going to miss that. Karate is why I didn't leave town today and am instead leaving at 7 a.m. tomorrow. It's about an eight hour drive to Oak Ridge. I will stop in Lexington for a late lunch with my dad. While I'm there, I also plan to stop by my Grandma's and serenade her for a while. She has had some memory problems, but one thing she never forgets is me and my violin.

I am excited and nervous about starting my new job. Hopefully I won't get lost on the way there or anything. I am sometimes "directionally impaired."

I don't know when I'll get another chance to post on this blog, but I'll do my best not to keep you in suspense for too long.

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