Friday, October 28, 2005

On Handwriting

I have gotten pretty good at writing with the right hand. Assuming that my elbow is supported, I can write legibly. It doesn't look the same as my left-handwriting, but I'm improving. Right now it seems season-appropriate: My handwriting would make a good Halloween font because it's jerky in just the right ways.

I've been practicing my signature in preparation for the upcoming closing on our new house, at which time I will have to sign dozens of forms. It's harder than you might think. The way in which I make my leading "R" is difficult to imitate. My right hand wants to make it a lot wider than my left hand does it. I find this interesting because I remember reading a book on handwriting analysis once (not that I believe in it, but it was out of curiosity). The author posited that handwriting analysis was a science because if you lost your arms and had to relearn how to write with your toes, whose handwriting would you strive to emulate other than your own? That is a good point, but I find that my right-handwriting differs from my left-handwriting in a number of ways. Besides that pesky "R," there's also a general reduction in ornamentation. I have a hard enough time scrawling with the right, why add to my troubles by writing an extra loop here or making the tails of my g's or y's dip so far below the line? My right-handwriting is perhaps inspired by my left-handwriting, but it has a style of its own.

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Rachie said...

I dunno, are you sure your entire personality hasn't just changed because of this?!? ;)