Sunday, February 12, 2006


It has been snowing this week, for the first time all "winter." I say "winter" because it may have gotten into the teens at night a couple of times but that's about it. I could get used to this mild climate!

Anyhow, it actually decided to "snow" this week, and said "snow" actually stuck to the ground overnight, only to be melted by the sun's strong rays in the morning. When I say "stuck to the ground," what I really mean is "stuck to our deck, the tree branches, and the grass, but not to the road." In this way the disaster of Tennessee drivers on ice is averted. That sounds like a great show, but not one I'd like to see right now.

The snow has once again covered the ground, but I think within the next couple of hours it will all melt away. This afternoon we are going to see the Lady Vols play basketball, for an outing sponsored by the social club at my workplace. Thankfully this "snow" will not get in our way.

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