Thursday, February 16, 2006


Somebody liked our house in Illinois enough to put a bid on it! They didn't like it enough to bid our asking price for it, but we accepted their offer anyhow, because every month that we hang on to that house costs us $1000. And who wouldn't like to have an extra thousand a month in income?!?! Seriously, their bid was only about $3500 below our asking price, and they want to close in March, so that is equivalent to full price in June or July, except that we get the money a couple of months sooner! We will still be getting a serious chunk of change out of that house. We'll be able to pay back my Dad, who loaned us the money for the down payment on our house here, and still have enough left over to pay off some lingering debts, make investments, and replenish our bank account.

That house is our final link with Illinois. I know it sounds silly, but I cut another link yesterday by changing over the cell phone to a Tennessee number. There was something nice about having that connection: people in Illinois could call us as if it were a local number. It's not like they actually did, but they COULD, at least in theory. So I felt kind of sad to cut off that tie.

We've been growing more and more roots here, though, which helps make these last Illinois ties easier to let go of. We are feeling more and more at home here, I'm getting used to my job, we've made some friends, and we've discovered some good restaurants (the next visitors get to have Mediterranean takeout, good Mexican food, and/or local gourmet pizza, all of which are vegetarian-friendly!). Also, this weekend a friend from undergrad is coming to town, because he's interviewing for a job here at the lab. It will make this an even cooler place to live if he gets that job!


Laura said...

AWESOME! Congrats on getting that thing sold! That's so great.

(Mmm, mediterranean food...!)

Adam "Boonie" Compton said...

Congrats on selling your house. We will be going through the same thing soon.

What is up with the URL? riebecca? I thought I was a bad speller, but you misspelled your own name. :-)

See yall soon.