Thursday, March 23, 2006

Adventures in Houseselling

We are no longer homeowners twice over. Yesterday was the closing on our house in Illinois. It was successful for us and we are now quite a bit richer (at least until the money goes to the folks we owe it to!).

The buyer ran into a bit of bad luck, though. From what I understand, the inspector ran the dishwasher when he was inspecting the house, and forgot to go back and look at it, so he didn't notice that it hadn't drained. The water left standing in the bottom of the dishwasher ate away all the seals, and the water leaked out. When the buyer went for the final walkthrough yesterday morning, they discovered that the kitchen floor was wet and damaged. We had put down a new laminate floor before selling the house and apparently some of the tiles were warped. The buyer was (understandably) upset and tried to back out of the sale or at least renegotiate, but our lawyer and our realtor convinced her that she couldn't. Instead of going after us for the damage to the floor, she needs to go after the home inspector. Our realtor said he thought that once it dried, the floor would be just fine. Still, it's got to be upsetting to buy a house and have this be your first experience with the house. I think she's going to have to buy a new dishwasher. Maybe that will be covered by the home warranty that we bought for her at closing.

Anyhow, it's not our problem and we are no longer the owners of two houses! I am looking forward to having the money that we were paying for that mortgage. It will be nice to have that extra income.

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