Saturday, June 03, 2006

Adventures with Colds

You'd think it wasn't the season to have a cold. But you would think wrong, because I have a really terrible one. It's not as bad as whatever it was that knocked me flat on my back for a week in March, but it's plenty bad enough.

On Monday night, I woke up in the middle of the night feeling terrible. I was snoring so horribly and thrashing about enough that Jeff left the room and slept elsewhere. On Tuesday morning, I didn't feel very good but I went to work anyhow because I had an appointment with an ergonomics specialist. He came to my office, figured out what was ergonomically bad, and had my boss order me a new keyboard tray, a lumbar support for my chair, and padding for the edge of my desk. So far I have the keyboard tray and the lumbar support.

Anyhow, after that appointment, I felt bad enough that I came home early. On Wednesday, I slept in and went to work a little later than usual, so I didn't feel too terribly bad most of the day. We went out to dinner with our friend Adam and at that point I started feeling weaker. But I went to bed early and got a pretty good night's sleep. Thursday wasn't so great either, but I managed to work through it. Yesterday I think I took a dud decongestant pill because I couldn't breathe hardly at all. Also by that point it had progressed down from my head and into my throat and lungs. I came home early yesterday too.

Today I'm feeling a little bit better, although I am still congested and coughing up a lot of fun stuff. This is just in time for Jeff to come down with it, of course. You know me, I'm always delighted to share everything with him!

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Ginger said...

Yuck! I hope you feel better.