Thursday, October 04, 2007

Visitors and More Visitors

On Tuesday night, my cousin Elizabeth spent the night, on her way from North Carolina to Minnesota. She had been living in NC but she's moving back to Minnesota again. She arrived kind of late but we had dinner ready soon after she got here. Then in the morning I made her some pancakes (because if you stay with me, you get a pancake breakfast, that's just how things go) and we had a leisurely breakfast before she took off again, this time for Evansville to spend the night at Grandma's (that's my dad's mother, not my mom's mother who we visited this past weekend).

I hadn't seen her since our baby shower over a year ago, when she was living in Kentucky. She appeared to be well and in good spirits, and happy to be returning to Minnesota (where she did her undergraduate degree and where her boyfriend lives). I was glad that we were on the route for her move.

This weekend, both sets of grandparents are coming down for Vinny's birthday bash. In honor of the fact that his favorite food is refried beans, we are having a birthday fiesta. His Tia Jody is making Mexican food for his party, to which we have invited a lot of people from the area in addition to our immediate family. I've ordered a sheet cake, and in addition, I am baking a sombrero-shaped cake for the party. I will try to take some pictures as I make it, and show them to you, my vast blog audience!


Madeleine said...

Happy almost birthday, Vinny! Woohoo!

I've heard that cake pictures are really good for your blog stats.

Laura said...

Yay, happy birthday VINNY!!!

anne said...

happy birthday vinny!! looking forward to this edition of Your Weekly Vincent!

Flicka Mawa said...

Wow, he's a year old! That's awesome, and happy birthday to him, and happy mombirthday to you. Have fun at the party!