Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween Madness

What do you call this

other than "a perfect excuse to be Bride of Frankenstein for Halloween?"

I got a costume for a "death bride," and Jeff made me up to look dead. Here's the artist's palette:
and here's the final result:
except for the fact that even Dr. Frankensteincouldn't fix my eyesight after death, so I had to wear my glasses
as we escorted our cute little devil
around the neighborhood.

It was a lot of fun, except that the red makeup and fake blood dyed my skin red. So I had very bright pink eyes, a pink streak on one cheek, and a pink line around my neck after I was done scrubbing all the makeup off my face. Yesterday I slathered on the eye shadow pretty thick, wore a sweater that covered my neckline, and hoped that people would just think I had a little rash on my cheek, but today it seems to have mostly worn off.


rachel said...

You could always tell people it was a hickey. Er, the red on your neck, I mean, not the bride of Frankenstein scar on your arm...

lost clown said...

Wow, you all look great. Vinny is ADORABLE!!!!