Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Electric Cars

So I saw some new electric cars on the market. The Green Vehicles are cool-looking, but only one model is street-legal on roads with speed limit above 35 mph. The aforementioned model costs about the same as a VW Beetle. It has a 100-mile range and takes about 5 hours to charge up from completely empty.

I would totally buy one if I thought I could. You end up paying something like two cents per mile in electricity. Compared to about twelve cents per mile for my current vehicle (figuring roughly 30 mpg and $3.60/gallon), that is a steal. Plus, we have extremely low electricity rates thanks to TVA, so my cost could be even less. So we're talking order of magnitude lower cost of operation.

But it looks like they are mostly focusing on California markets, and the cars are in great demand, so I would have to wait a long time before there would be one available for me to buy. It's probably not a bad idea to wait anyhow, to make sure that the cars actually work as advertised.

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