Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rebecca Over the Years

Something you may not realize is that I'm a time traveler. One of my hobbies is to travel through space-time and pose for high school yearbook photos. How am I able to bend the space-time continuum? That's left as an exercise for the reader.

Unfortunately, the power of the internet has caught up with me. Now all my high school yearbook pictures are online. Since any intrepid investigator would be able to put this together, I figured I may as well just come clean on my own.

This is me in 1954. While all you folks were fussing over your poodle skirts, I trying to use the laws of physics to grow my bangs out.

This is me in 1960. By then, my bangs had grown out, as had the horn rims of my glasses.

1966: I discovered the law of Conservation of Poofiness.

1968: I discover the Conservation of Horns as the horn-rim glasses are replaced by horn-rim hair. (This picture looks a lot like a senior photo of one of my aunts.)

1970: I began experimenting with the physics of springs (at the ends of my hair).

1974: I discovered string theory -- in my hair.

1978: I went for a different look, inspired by the van de Graff generator. It was a preview of what the next decade would bring.

1984: I was wearing neon colors and trying to simulate an electron cloud structure with my hair.

1986: I was having fun with optical illusions.

1994: I had discovered anti-gravity, but it worked only on hair.

1996: My asymmetric pageboy look mirrored quantum asymmetry. (I actually had hair like this, except it was not blond.)

2008: Here I am today, writing a program to simulate the bending of the space-time continuum.

Make your own photos of yourself throughout the ages at Idea borrowed from Shakesville.


rachel said...

Okay, seeing your face with other people's hair is just CREEPY.

Laura said...

Does it make you rethink your hairdo? You were pretty darn cute in the 60s.

Anonymous said...

The 1974 one looks like Marcia Brady. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia


Doctor Pion said...

You look exactly like a girl who sat next to me in homeroom in 1968.

Of course, they ALL looked like that. Conformity is bliss.