Sunday, March 08, 2009

Running Update

So, I am still running. I had to take a break after my ankle-spraining stupidity, but I started running again on Monday after a nearly two-week hiatus. Can I just say that it was really hard to do when I went back to it? It wasn't as hard as the first day I ran, when I thought that I was never ever going to breathe normally again, but it was challenging for sure, even though I was going a shorter distance than I had gone with less effort before I stopped.

I wore my figure-eight brace when I ran this week, because the ankle still twinges a bit. I think it was a good idea to wear it because it kept me from doing anything stupid.

Thanks to my clumsiness-induced break I don't think I'll be able to get up to the 5K distance in time for a race at the end of this month (which was my original goal), but that's okay. There are other races.


Laura said...

Yay my running sister! You go girl!

I hear your struggles with the work-sleep-exercise balance. So far I've managed to balance the first two reasonably well, but at the expense of the latter. But you and Rachel are inspiring me!

PhizzleDizzle said...

Maybe you could try elliptical for a while until your ankle is really better? If you have access to one, that is. Paula Radcliffe used one for a while to stay in shape when she had her baby. Less ankle impact...

And yes, there are always more races.

Ginger said...

Too bad about the race. I was cheering for you. I ran track in high school, but couldn't run around the block now. Hang in there. There will be others