Monday, April 27, 2009

My Daily Scenic Drive

One thing I really like about living here is how beautiful the scenery is. There are breathtaking landscapes just about everywhere you look.

Inspired by my budding supercomputer supermodeling career, I decided to snap a photo shoot of my own: the scenic things I see every day as I drive to and from work. Enjoy!

This is a view from the parking lot where I park my car. The area behind the parking lot is full of trees of all kinds.
This is a closeup of part of the previous picture. You can see the dogwood in bloom. Unfortunately, the redbuds were pretty much done by this point, so you can't see them here.

There's a beautiful scene that I encounter every day, on the property of my workplace, where a lake inlet comes right up next to the road and the tree cover breaks. You can see this inlet surrounded by trees on either side, and it's just gorgeous. Unfortunately, it's hard to get a picture of it without stopping by the side of the road and I didn't really have the time to do that the other day. Maybe I'll capture that image for you later. All my subsequent pictures were taken at stoplights when I was stopped.

At a stoplight, where I'm about to turn left.

This is another view of that clump of trees up the hill from the previous picture. Okay, yes, I did take this when I was driving. But actually, I wasn't looking at the camera -- I had begun to take a picture right as the light turned green. It took several seconds (thanks to the red-eye preventive flash sequence) for the picture to be taken. By the time the picture was snapped, I'd already turned left and was driving up the hill.

This is a typical view at a stoplight in town. Notice the hills in the distance. In the evening, when the sun is setting, they are positively spectacular!


Doctor Pion said...

Isn't it interesting how photos show all of that visual junk of urban life (power lines, motels) but our minds don't see them at all? I can't count all of the pictures that I have had to re-frame after seeing what was actually in the view finder.

Rebecca said...

You're right, Dr Pion. I think a big part of it (for me, at least) is that I'm able to focus my eyes on the beautiful parts (e.g., the hills in the distance) and cut the ugly parts (e.g., the motel) right out of the picture, whereas with my deck-of-cards-sized camera, it's not just something automatic. Especially when I have to take the picture before the light turns green!