Sunday, July 12, 2009

You've Got to Be Kidding Me

As I watched this video, my jaw kept dropping to the floor and I kept having to pick it up and stick it back on my head.

Do people really think that way? (I guess the answer is "yes.")

Look, turd biscuits quoted in this video, let me explain a few things to you.

If the only arguments you have against Sonia Sotomayor are that she's a woman and a Latina, then you should hang up your hats and go home. Especially if you feel entitled to use sexist and racist language against her.

If she has made a ruling that you disagree with, then by all means, talk about that ruling and explain what's wrong with it. But if the only things you can think of saying about her are sexist swill like "let's hope she's not menstruating," then it's probably time to STFU.

I, for one, am tired of swimming in the collective pool that you have poisoned with your fear of teh wimminz and brown people. Get some counseling, take some medications, find Jesus for real instead of for pretend like the lot of you have* -- basically, whatever it takes -- and come back when you're able to speak civilly.

* Obviously I don't know the dude personally, but the last time I checked, Jesus never spoke about women and minorities like that.


PhizzleDizzle said...

holy shitmuffins, that's so screwed up. wtf is wrong with people?

fox news makes me so mad i lose my shit every time i catch even a glimpse of it.

PhizzleDizzle said...

you know what's even worse is, the douchebag who made the "menstruating" comment was g. gordon liddy...yeah, a watergate cohort. who gives a hoot what this guy has to say anyway? why is he on tv/radio? it blows my mind.

Ginger said...

As your lone conservative reader I will concur that his comments were ugly and should not have been said. However, I have noticed many other ugly comments regarding Sarah Palin and her children go unnoticed by the mainstream press. Sexism is sexism regardless of which side of the political aisle you are on.

Rebecca said...

Ginger, I concur completely. Sexism is rampant even amongst so-called "progressive" people, which just goes to show you how little women are actually valued in our society.

Sarah Palin was on the receiving end of some mighty ugly comments, as was Hillary Clinton, and these sexism-based comments were rarely, if ever, condemned by anyone in the mainstream media. They were, however, recorded and called out by one of my favorite political blogs, Shakesville. See Sarah Palin Sexism Watch and Hillary Clinton Sexism Watch.

Doctor Pion said...

Did you see the question Lindsey Graham (SC) asked?

I'll wager that those anonymous lawyers who complained that she was a "bully" on the bench just didn't like being asked really difficult, probing questions by a woman. Particularly if the question made it clear they were wrong. It is commonplace to see a female professor branded a "bitch" for doing the exact same thing that male professors do, so it is no surprise that she gets complaints for doing what Scalia does every day on the bench.

PS to Ginger:
Palin put her children on stage, including her pregnant daughter and shotgun beau, to serve her own political purposes. And the comments that followed her doing so were definitely noticed by the mainstream press. They were in our newspaper, regularly. But why should she be treated any differently than any other national politician? Just because she is a woman? Remember how Pres. Ford's kids were treated?

Rebecca said...

Dr. Pion, you are absolutely right about the double standard. In fact, I read that someone analyzed Judge Sotomayor's hearings and found that she actually talked less and interrupted less frequently than her male colleagues, yet thanks to sexism, she's the one who gets saddled with these accusations.

I'm not sure what specific incidents Ginger is talking about and whether they differ from the ones I remember, but shit like calling Palin "shrill" and using other misogynist code words is inappropriate and completely orthogonal to how she used (or did not use) her family. I also don't think it's appropriate to criticize Sarah Palin for the behavior of her daughter -- she can try to raise her children one way and maybe it just didn't work out for them. Bristol has a mind of her own, after all. Yes, I do find it ironic that the daughter of an advocate of abstinence-only education ends up a teenage mom. But I don't think it's appropriate to criticize Sarah Palin's parenting skills because of it.

As for President Ford's children, Ginger's about my age and probably (like me) has no idea how they were treated ;)

Doctor Pion said...

I guess we have to disagree on the kids, because once you parade your adult (and minor) children on multiple stages as part of your qualifications for office, they become part of your qualifications for office. (And if Bristol wasn't an adult, charges of rape needed to be filed.)

I wish I had had more time to follow all of the details of the past election. Were the people who complained about Hillary's treatment also complaining about Palin's treatment? And vice versa? Or were people who complained about how Palin was treated the ones who wanted to run an attack movie against Hillary? And did both of those groups complain about the race baiting directed against Obama, or were they actually responsible for some of it, as Hillary and Palin were?

Politics is a dirty business, all the way back to Ford's kid smoking pot or "ma ma how's my pa". One thing did become clear to me last year, which is what Sessions and Graham put on parade: sexism might now be stronger than race in the South.

Rebecca said...

Dr. Pion, I think there's probably a lot of inconsistency (i.e., "I only give a damn about sexism when it impacts my favorite political party") on both sides. And then there are also some equal-opportunity misogynists who had terrible things to say about both Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton. And then there are the very rare, endangered species of people who are calling out the sexism no matter the source (e.g., Shakesville as referenced above).

I tend to think that people are much too hard on mothers when it comes to raising children. From what I've read about Sarah Palin, her husband has done a large share of stay-at-home-dad duty so why is no one going after him as a bad parent? Sure, he's not the one putting them out in the limelight, but I posit that no matter what Sarah Palin had done with her children, it would have been wrong. We see the criticism she got for traveling with her family entourage. If she kept them out of the public eye, she's sure to meet criticism for that. I don't think she can win no matter what.

As for Bristol Palin, since she and her boyfriend were close to the same age, even if she were considered a child I don't believe that rape charges could be filed. I'm no expert on this, but from what I understand in most states if you are within two years of each other, then it can't be statutory rape.