Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Happy Birthday, Rachel!

Just a shout-out to my sister Rachel, wishing her a happy birthday. Tomorrow is her birthday, but she's in Japan at the moment meaning that it's already the 9th over there.

Rachel and I share a single brain, which is in a jar in an undisclosed location. The nice thing about her being in Japan is that there's not much overlap in usage of our shared brain, since I'm sleeping while she's awake and vice versa.

She also is intent on ruining my life, but it's all good because I'm ruining hers right back at her.

Hope your day in Tsukuba is great, Rachie!


rachel said...

Hey... by wishing me a happy birthday in such a timely manner, you have manifestly FAILED to ruin my life! Hope that ruins yours!

Rebecca said...

Actually, because I knew that you would say that my wishing you a happy birthday in a timely manner would ruin my life, it did not ruin my life, thereby ruining your life by you failing to ruin mine!