Saturday, August 07, 2010

Electric Cars of the Past and Future

First of all, let me say how much I cannot wait to get my new Nissan Leaf.  Thanks to my employer, we are among the first markets for its release.

But it's not an original idea.  My sister alerted me to the fact that a century ago, there was a company that released a line of electric cars aimed at doctors and women (because electric cars didn't have to be cranked before starting).  The cars had a rage of 80 miles between charges -- only 20% less than the advertised range for the Nissan Leaf.  I don't know how fast these cars could go, and I suspect that the Leaf is a bit safer.

Speaking of the Leaf, you might worry about the fact that water and electricity do not mix, but the batteries have undergone extensive testing.  And in other news, I may be eligible for a free charging station installation in our garage, but I just need to call the company who's determining the eligibility back sometime soon.

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