Thursday, May 12, 2005

Adventures in Being Incredibly Popular

I had a really great day yesterday. A friend of mine at Weight Watchers recommended some foods that I should take with me when I leave for Sweden tomorrow. I found out that I got the rental of the Lake House at Crystal Lake Park for my party. I was pretty excited about that. Then, I got a hit for my job search prospects from somebody at Oak Ridge, who wants me to come out and interview. We're arranging that for sometime in June.

Also yesterday I met a friend for smoothies and we had a really nice talk. The smoothies were good too, although the company was better. And while I was sitting there, a woman whom I vaguely know came up and asked me about my NCSA shirt. I was wearing my bright yellow NCSA shirt, and she used to work for NCSA but got laid off and didn't want her NCSA shirts anymore, and wondered if I wanted them. I am a sucker for free shirts, so I said yes. I think it was kind of cathartic for her to be able to give those shirts away, too.

This morning when I arrived, the bag of shirts was hanging on the door to my office. I was really pleased to see them there, especially after I realized that a pooping bird had made a bull's eye on my shirt. So I changed into one of the shirts she left for me, and wrote her a very nice thank-you e-mail.

And on Tuesday I applied online for a job at Los Alamos. It's a job that I don't really think I would want but for which I think I am eminently qualified. This morning I got a phone call from the guy who manages that group. He seemed really interested in my qualifications and is going to call me back sometime in the next couple of weeks.

So I am feeling incredibly popular. There are so many people out there who seem to like me and/or want me for a job. That includes you, my vast fan base. I know how much you are going to miss me while I am in Sweden. I don't think I'll have any opportunity to update while I'm there, but if I do get a chance, I'll be sure to keep you updated. Otherwise, have a great week everybody!

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