Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Adventures in Housebuying

One week from today, Jeff and I will be homeowners... twice over! That's right, we'll be closing on our new house here in Tennessee. Our house in Illinois is still up for sale but not yet sold, so we will be the owners of two homes for a few months at least. Anybody interested in a "charming home in old town Urbana", Illinois? We got one that's waiting for a buyer like you!

But if it doesn't sell, I was thinking we could just keep it. We could say that the house in Illinois is our summer home, and the one in Tennessee is our winter home. It wouldn't be so bad. We could still rightfully use the Urbana Free Library (the best public library ever!), and I could even sign up for karate at the park district again. The only problem is that it's pretty far away. But that's nothing a good teleportation device couldn't fix!

It should sell, though. It may be the off-peak season for selling houses, but it's still a nice house in a price range that's affordable.


DarkWood said...

Well, please allow me to be the first to say "Howdy!" ;-)

Welcome to Tennessee


Rebecca said...

Thanks for the welcome!