Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A Doctor in the House

On Monday, I went to the post office and checked our box. Among the myriad of bills was a note saying that I had an item that was too big to fit in the box, and I should retrieve it during normal postal business hours. So I went back to the post office yesterday and got the item.

It was my diploma! According to the fancy inscription, I was awarded the Ph.D. in Computer Science on October 15, 2005 by the Senate of the University of Illinois. (Suckers!)

Of course, you can get all kinds of diplomas for much less effort. I still get spam about obtaining my diploma from a "prestigious, non-accredited university." Diploma mills are rampant even outside of academics. My karate teacher in Illinois talked about how easy it was to become a certified eight-zillionth degree black belt. But his favorite was the diploma you could get that conferred "monk status" upon you. Who knew that you needed a piece of paper for that?

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