Monday, November 14, 2005

Adventures in Unpacking

We spent the weekend moving the last of our stuff from storage and our apartment to our new house, and unpacking in the house. We've been treasure-hunting as we unpack; for example, we had to find the plates before we could eat our dinner on Saturday night. (I found them: downstairs in the basement, instead of upstairs with all the other boxes labeled "kitchen.")

It has been kind of comical to unpack. For example, the movers very carefully wrapped and packed a used twisty-tie for us. To be honest, I'm not sure what I would have done if they had discarded my lucky twisty-tie, so I am glad to have found it. We've also rediscovered some stuff that we didn't exactly recall having, stuff that they packed up from our basement in Illinois. Like I have a set of Astérix dishes, which I remembered, but I didn't remember the (otherwise unrelated) flowery tea cups and saucers that were packed in the same box with the Astérix dishes.

On Saturday we also went bed shopping. We got rid of our old bed in Illinois, so we needed a new one. We found a nice (and expensive!) bedroom set at a furniture store in the Big City (a.k.a. Knoxville) and it will be delivered on Thursday. In the meantime we are sleeping on an air mattress. Also, we've only found one pillow so far. At first Jeff just let me use it, but then I decided we should try to share it, so we did that for a few hours before getting up.

On Sunday, we went shopping for some household items such as a new skillet (our old one got damaged while we were still in Illinois, and we had to throw it away), bath mats (a peachy-colored one for our master bathroom, and a tan one for the other upstairs bathroom), an inside shower curtain for the upstairs bathroom, and other miscellaneous items. We also went to Home Depot and got some supplies for installing more phone jacks. At first Jeff doubted my prowess in the wiring installation arena, but eventually I was able to convince him that I know how to wire things. He deemed the risk of me electrocuting myself negligible and decided not to call a professional to do the job.

Our washer and dryer are really high-tech, and I am impressed by them. The dryer can figure out when your clothes are dry enough, and it also protects your clothes from getting all wrinkled while they're waiting for you to get them out, by periodically turning them over a few times. The washer is a top-loader, so it's not as efficient as it might be, but it has many different settings and it seems like it can hold a bigger load than our old washer in Illinois, so I think it is more efficient than that washer as long as you always make full loads. We also got some of the detergent that doesn't need hot water, which will help in the energy efficiency department.


rachie said...

What fun! Does it feel like your own place yet?

Also -- what colors are you using in your living room? Because I may have found you something interesting for Christmas...

Rebecca said...

Right now, we're using the colors "cardboard" and "newsprint," but we hope in the near future to correct that. ;)

Seriously, we have no furniture for the living room, because we decided to put our futon and all its accoutrements downstairs in the basement. So it's empty. The floors are mid-color wood, and the walls are kind of yellow without being glaringly yellow. I need to post some pictures. That involves taking the pictures, of course.

rachie said...

I see. So pillows for a non-existent couch may not be the best gift idea I ever had? ;-)

Rebecca said...

Well, it could be a REALLY GOOD gift idea, if at least one of the following is true:
1. We can SIT on the pillows in the living room, thereby eliminating the need for a couch,
2. We can base our living room decor around them.