Monday, August 27, 2007

The Most Beautiful Supercomputer in the World

MareNostrum, of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, is housed in a former chapel. Click on the link for pictures. Not only is it beautiful, but it is fast. At #9 on the Top 500 list, it is the fastest machine in Europe.

(Speaking of supercomputers, more of the supercomputing course will be up shortly. It's hard typing one-handed!)


Tony said...

I've read about 100 pages into my JAVA textbook, and I had already been introduced to many of the concepts here. Thanks, Rebecca.

Doctor Pion said...

That machine in Barcelona is beautiful, at several levels.

The top 500 list looks a bit off. I think they forgot to qualify it as the list of publicly acknowledged supercomputers. No Such Agency, among others, is notably missing from the list.

Rebecca said...

Tony, I'm glad that my ramblings have been helpful. Dr. Pion, I have no doubt that the gubmint owns plenty of machines that would make it onto the list but can't be publicly acknowledged!