Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Adventures in Weddings

This past weekend, we went to my bonus sister's wedding in Evansville, Indiana.

Unfortunately, since I just started my new job, I have no vacation days at all, so it had to be a quick trip. We left home on Saturday morning and came back on Sunday evening. But it was good, the bride and groom successfully got married without anyone chickening out or anyone falling off the stage or anything, the food was good, and Vinny had a good time.

My sister Laura was there too, as were my bonus mom and my dad, and my other bonus sister (who was the maid of honor). And they invited my other relatives who live in town: my aunt and uncle, and my grandmother all attended.

We stayed overnight at my aunt and uncle's house, and we really enjoyed getting to spend some time with them. They were crazy about Vinny. I am named after this aunt (my middle name is her first name) because she was the favorite aunt of my oldest sister, who died at the age of four the year before I was born. I could really understand how a little kid would just be crazy about her (which is not to say that as an adult I'm not still crazy about her)!

They have a dog and Vinny had never really seen a dog. (I'm allergic to pets.) He enjoyed touching the dog, and he was always pretty gentle with her, just touching her instead of pulling on her fur. At breakfast, Vinny was sitting in a high chair eating cheerios when he started feeding them to the dog. The thing was, he doesn't really understand that when you feed somebody a cheerio, you have to let go of it. But the dog was licking his hand and trying to dislodge the cheerio from between his fingers, and she got several of them from him. Once, though, he decided that he wanted that cheerio after all, so he just shoved it into his own mouth, after the dog had licked all over it. Ewwwww!

Anyhow, we went out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant, in celebration of Jeff's and my birthdays. We ordered a bowl of frijoles for Vinny, who ate all of them and still wanted some more. After we were finished with our meal, they brought out two giant sombreros and put them on our heads, took polaroids of the birthday people, and gave us two dishes of fried ice cream. It was pretty darn good, and helps to explain why my weight jumped up this week.

After lunch we left for home, and got home by about nine. It was a good weekend but the only problem was that I didn't get much of a chance to recover from the workweek.

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lost clown said...

Aw Vinny and the dog are so cute. It sounds like a lovely weekend. I hope this week isn't too hard without the rest.