Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Birthday Fun

I had a good birthday. When I arrived home from work, Jeff presented me with cards from him and Vinny, and a picture drawn by Vinny (with a little help from his Daddy). The picture, which Jeff had framed, consisted of multicolored lines in crayon, and red and blue handprints and footprints made with fingerpaint. I marveled both at the artwork and at Jeff's bravery for loading up an eleven-month-old's hands and feet with paint, even if it is washable!

Then, we went out to dinner at this restaurant where they serve burgers of unusual types, the Buffalo Mountain Grille. I had an ostrich burger, while Jeff had an elk burger. The ostrich was pretty good, and I could tell that Jeff enjoyed his burger too.

After we came home, we had some of the Texas sheet cake that I had made for our birthdays. The nice thing about having practically the same birthday is that I can get away with making one cake for the two of us. Really, we don't need any cake, but this way we can eat less total cake than we could if our birthdays were more spread out.

Anyhow, it was a really good way to start my 2Nth year!

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