Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ancient Egyptian Women

I read an interesting article about the situation for women in Ancient Egypt. Apparently women in Ancient Egypt enjoyed a surprisingly high level of equality. Royal women commanded armies; tradeswomen bargained in the markets.

From the article:
Egyptian women also enjoyed a surprising degree of financial independence, with surviving accounts and contracts showing that women received the same pay rations as men for undertaking the same job - something the UK has yet to achieve. As well as the royal women who controlled the treasury and owned their own estates and workshops, non-royal women as independent citizens could also own their own property, buy and sell it, make wills and even choose which of their children would inherit.
Go ahead and read the rest: it's really interesting!

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Pete said...

"..non-royal women who stab and overpower invading soldiers."

It's ashame the united states is still behind for equality in combat and selective service