Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fashion Update

Just a brief entry to thank my fearless readers for their fashion advice.  I bought four new pairs of pants first, since I could go to the store and buy them.  For all my efforts I got two pairs of corduroy -- one tan, one black, and two pairs of Dockers -- one tan, the other chocolate brown.

Then, I ordered some tops from in tall sizes.  I got six blouses in total -- two 3/4-sleeved, four long-sleeved.  Two of them are striped but the rest are solid colors.  They finally arrived on Monday, and I was so excited when I tried them on.  I could sit and not feel my bare back touching the back of the chair!  The shortest part of the shirts -- on the sides -- was a couple of inches below the waistline of my pants!  (Usually, it is right at the waistline.)

As for shoes, I bought some Mary Jane shoes like Twice and Jane recommended.  They are very comfortable.  I used to have big clunky shoes because small shoes like that made me look overly heavy.  But now that I am close to my target weight (only 15 more pounds to go!) I feel more comfortable with my proportions.

These purchases were all fairly expensive to a cheapskate like me.  (Euroyankee is my cousin and knows the mentality I grew up with.  Thanks for your words of wisdom, cousin!)  But I went ahead and paid the extra price anyhow, even though tall sizes cost even more than regular sizes.  I was able to get two of the tops on clearance, but for the others I paid close to full price, which was difficult for me.  But I held my nose and paid it anyway.  And I'm glad I did: I'm definitely sold on tall sizes and I think that from now on, I will buy only tall sizes.

One piece of advice I'd like a follow-up on: Jenny F. Scientist, you mentioned scarves.  I have a few scarves already, but I am 99.9% clueless about how to wear them.  Jenny (or anybody else who knows), how do you wear a scarf?


EcoGeoFemme said...

Sometimes, I wear a scarf with a solid color t-shirt. I wrap it around twice and knot it. It is kind of cozy on days that are chilly but too warm for sweaters. Alternatively, they can be just draped around the neck like a towel. I think they dress up a basic outfit when you want to look just a little polished but not dressy.

I'm glad you discovered tall clothes. I'm really petite and feel real joy when I find clothes that are the proper length.

Jenny F. Scientist said...

Glad you found some decent clothes!!

On scarves- I personally prefer long-ish rectangular ones, and I tie them like a tie only looser (with a prominent knot in front- kind of like this). Or I tie it loosely once and tuck it into my blouse- this is VERY Southern!

Another classic option is to fold a square scarf in half, roll it loosely into a tube, and tie around the neck.

Here are a few decent diagrams- boy, there are some weird ways of tying scarves out there! this or this slightly froufrou way or I sometimes do this but don't wrap it around first (start in back, cross in front, tie in back).