Sunday, March 02, 2008

Things I've (Re)Learned Recently

  • New Insights:
    • Don't try to use a pastry bag if your hands really can't grip or squeeze very well anymore. By the time I made myself quit, my hands were shaking, and my hands and arms are still sore. I'm hoping that my new mechanical pastry bag will work better for me.
    • Look out for slippery wet babies who hate baths, trying to make an escape from the bathtub -- he threw his leg over the side and nearly hit his head on the toilet, but luckily I caught him in time.
  • Things I Should Have Known:
    • Drinking more fluids throughout the day results in my head feeling better.
    • I need sleep, even if my racing mind makes it hard to get enough sleep.
    • Sleeping in a position with my left arm in a twist makes my arm hurt -- a lot!
    • If I want something, I need to just take the initiative and do it, and ask people for help, if I need it. I feel so much better if I don't just let life happen to me.
  • Things That Are Still Mysteries:
    • Anybody have any idea what "Faaa" means? Vinny says it, usually when he's happy, but we don't know what it's supposed to be.
    • Any tips on rinsing the hair of a little boy who is terrified of water being poured on his head are welcome. We got a special hair-rinsing pitcher that makes a seal over the forehead but he won't let us near him with the pitcher. I've tried dunking him backwards into the bathwater but you should see the terrified look on his face when I do that!


Madeleine said...

Faaaaar out?

And I think hair rinsing at that age is pretty much unsalvageable. I think we used a rolled up washcloth pressed against the forehead (by one parent) while pouring with a bucket (other parent) but still no fun.

If he starts to resist the entire bath process, new toys may help. Periodic introduction of new bath toys got us through to a reason-able age, and we still (age 7.5) use all the bath toys, so they weren't a bad investment. (That is, Snuggly Girl uses the toys. I'm a shower gal, myself. :-) )

Podblack Blog said...

I was about to say washcloth myself. Dabbing away? Nice big sponge? How about both standing in the shower and singing a song about rain at the same time? Both wet at the same time and being happy about it?