Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Hello, World!

Hello, treasured readers! Sorry for the involuntary hiatus there. The internetz (you know, the series of tubes) broke down at our house, so I was unable to post until they got fixed. But now they are working fine, so I'm able to resume entertaining you with my awesome wit.

Actually, how about some of Vinny's wit? That boy is hilarious. Why, just this evening when I put him to bed, he asked me, "Mama, do wishes come true?" I have no idea where he picked that up, but it made me laugh, and then reply, "Sure, sometimes they do, sweetheart."

Lately we've been playing lots of hide and seek. He doesn't seem to quite understand the purpose or the strategy of the game. When you ask the rhetorical question "Where's Vinny?" you'll hear his fluty little voice answer "I'm right here!" We take turns being the one to hide, and he usually hides in whatever hiding place I used in the previous round. I guess that's because wherever I hid was so awesome that it will be as hard for me to find him as it was for him to find me. After I hid in the shower, Jeff tried to steer him towards a better hiding place, but he declined to hide there, saying, "No, it's my turn to hide in the shower."

Good times here at Casa Rebecca.


Madeleine said...

Hello, Rebecca!

My daughter did the same thing at that age -- hid wherever I was last. Now she's 9 and stills wants to hide, but it has escalated to having her dad help her. Last time, she was up high on his sweater shelf with sweaters piled in front of her. I never would have found her, except that I saw the extra sweaters that didn't fit back up there, in the laundry basket below. It was a hoot.

Laura said...

Ha! That's so cute!

My turn to hide in the shower.

Guess he's playing a different, easier game, called "take turns hiding in agreed-upon places."


Anonymous said...

Hello, Rebecca! Sounds like fun times. Enjoy!