Monday, August 24, 2009

Running Update

I'm still running three times a week at noon. It's summer, and not really possible to run outside at noon (unless you like that kind of misery, but I sure don't!), so we've been going to the fitness center at my workplace and using the treadmills and elliptical machines.

A treadmill is way easier than actual running, and I suspect that I will be miserable when we transition back to road running in the fall. The road isn't padded like the treadmill is; plus, this is East Tennessee, so the roads aren't level!

My fearless coach was gone for three weeks in the summer, so I recruited another friend to go along with me, and now she's hooked too, making it three of us. I was really impressed with myself that I didn't just let it go while my colleague was away. We'll see how I fare when I'm gone on vacation the second half of September. Maybe running in flat Nebraska will be just like running on a treadmill!

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ScienceGirl said...

I am surprised you like the treadmills - I can't stand them! My solution in the summer is to go at 6am, but I am worried that I won't keep up this habit once it is darker/colder in the morning.

Kudos for keeping up the running! Hopefully nice weather in the fall with ease the transition back to pavement!