Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Little Boy Is Growing Up

I think Vinny's going to be able to read pretty soon. He's known all his letters since well before he was two years old, thanks to his "computer" -- an electronic alphabet game for kids much older than he is. At first, he would just randomly push buttons on it, but he quickly learned the letters, the sounds they make, and words starting with each letter.

He's recently begun to express interest in the words on the pages of the books I read him every night. I reply to his questions about what the words say by pointing to each word as I slowly read it to him.

In other news, he's starting to catch on about when to use the potty. Today he successfully asked to use the potty and peed three times, which made us incredibly happy!

Our little boy is growing up! But I have to say, I won't miss the diaper changes when they finally cease.

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