Friday, December 11, 2009

Blizzards Are Good for Something

Tonight, in honor of my nephew's one-week birthday, we took advantage of the snow on the ground and made some winter treats.

First, my sister's better half and I both remembered the molasses candy from the Little House books. An internet search revealed this recipe. I don't have much experience with candymaking so I had to learn as I went what the different stages of sugar were -- we had to get the molasses and sugar mixture to hard crack stage and we didn't have a candy thermometer to work with. I think I got it to the right temperature, but it was hard to pour the stuff out in any kind of interesting designs.

Next, we made snow ice cream. We used snow, soy milk, sugar, and vanilla. That was really good too. I'd never had snow ice cream before, so it was fun to try it.

I told them, that's one advantage of living up north -- we could never make those things in Tennessee!

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Madeleine said...

What fun! My daughter was just saying this morning that we should make snow candy next time we get a snowfall.