Monday, March 01, 2010

Running Like Mad

So, I learned from blogfriend PhizzleDizzle that until 1960, there were no women's summer Olympics events in which women ran 800 meters or more. And the women's marathon was not an event until 1984! (Here's her post -- warning for those sensitive to words of the four-letter variety: it is full of very descriptive and highly justified cursing!)

Anyhow, this outraged me too after I learned about it. It's pretty sad that women couldn't participate in these sporting events because of erroneous beliefs about women.

Sometimes I think my struggles against gender inequity in science are bad, and then when I see the struggles in other fields... well, on the one hand I feel better, because it's not just my field; on the other hand, I feel dejection, because it's not just my field.

But, it made me realize that athletic talents in women is just as subversive as mathematical and scientific talents are. I'm no athlete, but I can at least participate in athletic endeavors and appreciate all the strides that have been made.

So, today I ran for an extra long stretch, out of solidarity with my Olympian systers. Because if some overweight, out-of-shape computational scientist can run non-stop for a mile or more, that just tells you how ridiculous these proscriptive rules of femininity are. I'm never going to win a race, but I can help run over these ridiculous stereotypes.


Tegan said...

You realize that they are using the same tired old worthless stereotypes to keep women from ski jumping?

I'll stick to walking, but agree with you 100%.

Rebecca said...

Tegan, yes, I had heard about that. It's horrible that this is still happening in 2010.

PhizzleDizzle said...

Good for you Rebecca! I pushed hard in my workout today too. I am signing up for a fall half marathon and i am going to get a personal best over this!!! :)