Friday, February 26, 2010

Our Little Engineer

Vinny is incredibly observant, and curious about his surroundings. Every day when I drive him to his preschool, he asks me something new about the car. First he wanted to know what that blinking arrow on the dashboard was. So I told him about turn signals. Then he wondered what I was holding in my right hand, so I told him about the gear shift. He was pretty excited to learn that the car had gears.

He's also curious about things around the house. He asks me multiple times every day to tell him about how electrical outlets work. You know how sometimes people freshly in love want to hear their partner tell them how much they love them, over and over again? Well, he asks about electrical outlets with the same breathless excitement.

I take a great delight in telling Vinny about how all these things work. I try to explain it within his vocabulary, and I think he understands. He really enjoys discovering new things and I enjoy sharing those moments with him.

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Laura said...

That is delightful! You know, I think Theo shares Vinny's love of fans and lights. He's always looking up with delight.