Sunday, February 14, 2010

Math is Lucrative... Let's Be Computer Engineers!

I am pretty excited about the fact that Barbie's 126th career is Computer Engineer. I'm with blogfriend PhizzleDizzle, I'm happy that Barbie is becoming one of us. I'm more of the old school nerd than Barbie (or PhizzleDizzle, for that matter!) -- fashion is really not my thing. I might wear the shirt Barbie's sporting but only if it came in a looser cut, and even then, not to work.

The best thing about Computer Engineer Barbie, from my perspective, is that she's showing girls that they too can succeed in computer science. Computer scientists don't have to be male, they don't even have to be nerdy -- they just need to have an interest in computers/computing and follow their passion.

I for one am looking forward to the day that Barbie comes and installs our next supercomputer. In the meantime, I might just have to preorder her and display her prominently on my desk when she arrives late this year.


FrauTech said...

I feel the same way. Also, the newish Tinkerbell movie got added to my Netflix because supposedly they made Tinkerbell (by playing on her name, tinker) a Mechanical Engineer. Supposedly the other fairies in the movie have similar specialties, so now I'll have to see for myself.

Rebecca said...

FrauTech, I was not aware of the Tinkerbell movie. I'll have to check it out too!