Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Feeling Blah

One problem with sending Vinny to preschool is that he's picked up some bugs from his classmates, which he in turn shares with us. In other words, he's the world's cutest disease vector.

So far he hasn't been sick enough to miss school (with the exception of one day that turned out to be a snow day), and I haven't been sick enough to miss work, but just sick enough to feel kind of blah. (Jeff, on the other hand, has really gotten it a lot worse than we have.)

My throat is kind of sore, just sore enough to be annoying. My head is kind of congested, just congested enough to be annoying too. It's not enough to pull out the cold medicine, but just enough to keep me from feeling my best. I imagine that Vinny is feeling the same way. Hopefully his immunities will build up and we'll stop picking up bugs from Typhoid Vinny.

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ScienceGirl said...

I hear that kids go through this at whatever age they get introduced to an environment filled with kids. I am glad Vinny is not full-on sick, and hopefully there will be fewer bugs as the bug season is winding down, and his immune system will be much stronger before the next bug season!

Hope you and Jeff feel better soon!