Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Running Me Ragged

So, today my Mean Running Coach* took me on a route that was over 5 miles.  This is farther than I have ever run before.  I hasten to add that I probably ran half of it at most -- but we did complete the whole thing in maybe an hour and a quarter, which is pretty respectable.

But oh, was it painful!  The good thing is, it will be a lot easier to do on Friday.  It is amazing how the body gets stronger so quickly.

* She is actually really nice and one of my dearest friends at work.

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Amy said...

Over five miles!! Go you!!!

I remember the first time I ran six miles. It was the day the Blue Angels were doing their annual Naval Academy graduation air show. Just as our run was reaching its triumphant finish, one of the planes came so close and was so loud that I really thought I was about to die. And the thought that went through my head was: "I'll die and no one will know that I ran six miles!!"