Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Fun Times with Family

Yesterday we had Glen, Julian, and Glenna over for lunch. Barb has been gone since Thursday, with Nena and Paca. They went to St. Louis to get Nena's operation. Basically Nena has some sort of hole in her head between her nose and her brain, so they're patching that up. From what I hear, the operation was a success.

Anyhow, they came over for lunch. Jeff made his delectable spaghetti sauce, and a good time slurping up noodles was had by all. We also had salad, French bread, and green beans seasoned with herbes de Provence. After feasting on that, we played some games. Jeff and Julian invented some sort of game with miniatures where one army attacks another (very boy-like!) while Glen and I played Carcassone, which was a lot of fun.

After we had digested somewhat, Jeff brought out the dessert: these chocolate-covered peanut butter balls. I ate so many of them that I'm sure I won't weigh less at my next weigh-in. But oh well, they sure tasted good!

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