Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Hello, friends!

I thought maybe my family and friends would be interested in seeing what's up with me, too. My blog promises to be even more boring than Laura's ;)

I have several obsessions, and I will talk about them a lot. These obsessions include:

1. Numerical Analysis. I am finishing up my Ph.D. in Computer Science, specializing in numerical analysis. Numerical analysis is basically where applied math, computer science, and scientific computing all meet. I think about math all the time, even when I'm not supposed to be working.

2. Karate. I have taken karate since 2002, and I love it! I currently have a blue belt in Shito Ryu karate, and I should test for my brown belt in a few months. I teach children's karate once a week too, and I tend to obsess about whether I'm doing a good job teaching.

3. Weight loss. I have lost more than 60 lbs since August, 2003, through Weight Watchers. I only have about 3 more pounds to go.

4. Role playing. I love to play role playing games such as D&D.

5. Music. I love classical music, the Gipsy Kings, and Oldies from the 1960's and 1970's.

That is all (for now).

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Flicka Mawa said...

mmm....one of my favorite past-times - reading old posts from bloggers i found this year! so....i love RPG's too. woohoo.