Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Adventures in Writing

Yesterday, my advisor finally returned to me the chapter of my thesis that I had given to him for review. It was covered in red. He likes to go through it with you and explain every mark, which is good for learning to become a better writer. The thing is that the chapter was around 30 pages, so he had a lot of comments to make. We ran over our allocated meeting time, and there was still more to discuss before he had to go on to his next meeting.

I was really tired all day, because I hadn't had enough sleep the night before, so it was a little hard to take all his criticism, but I did manage. I fixed up most of the stuff he criticized, and I'm going to finish it today and send the chapter back to him for another iteration.

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Laura said...

Good job Becca on taking the criticism - it's SO HARD sometimes, especially on little sleep. We know that "math is hard" (as Barbie tells us -- "let's go shopping!") but I think "writing is hard" too. Keep up the good work, sweet pea.