Thursday, May 22, 2008

That Amazing Little Boy

Vinny, despite his painful mouth, continues to be quite cheerful most of the time. He has come down with a cold courtesy of his generous mother (who got it from a generous friend at work) but is still a happy boy overall.

This afternoon, instead of napping, he was singing. Here's a transliteration courtesy of his father:
blug-bo-blug-bo-goobar-goo.... dug-do-dug do- hi hi hi hiyea yo yo hiyea yo yo hieyeah dooo gooo blug goobar goo

(Pure poetry, don't you agree?)

He has an interesting sense of humor and tells you when something tickles his funnybone, by declaring it "Fuuunny!"

One of the most hilarious things in the world is to peer at Mama through something (e.g. the hole between the handle and the body of the toy toolbench, or through a translucent cup). "Ahseeeooo!" he shouts. "Fuuunny!" he announces, and laughs.

Another funny thing is to touch his foot to mine and wiggle the toes. This warrants a big grin and the statement of "giggle giggle giggle."

Other humorous highlights include smacking my belly and watching it jiggle, beeping my nose or pinching it and making a Model T horn sound ("ga-HOO-ga"), and pointing out my eyebrows (when he says it, it sounds more like "eyeball" than "eyebrow", but he's definitely talking about eyebrows).

He's extremely ticklish in the armpits, so it's pretty easy to get him making that deep belly laugh. That's a sound I will never grow tired of.

He loves this book called Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb. He calls it "Thumb" when he pushes it into my hands. "Wead? Thumb?" he inquires. I think I've read it to him approximately 8,257,913 times, so I have it memorized by now. The thing he loves about it is the rhythm. And since I read it more rhythmically than Daddy, he prefers my rendition, and so I am cursed blessed with the opportunity to read it quite frequently.

He continues to just amaze me with his vocabulary. Thanks to Jeff's efforts, he knows the word for just about everything that he encounters on a daily basis. He learned the word monkey from the aforementioned book, and interestingly, believes that Cookie Monster is a monkey, as are the faces depicting various emotions that are on this magnet on our fridge. He also learned the word plum from that book. I told him that prunes (one of his favorite foods) are made from plums, but I will have to get him some actual plums before long.

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Tatanus said...

I just had to say, "Hand Hand Fingers Thumb", was one of my favorite books from childhood. It was probably second only to "Go, Dog, Go!" or maybe "Inside, Outside, Upside Down". Man I loved those books.