Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vinny's Latest Obsession

  • In the house, pointing at the front door: "Opeeeeeen! Opeeeeen! Moon!"
  • In the car, looking through the sunroof: "Moon!"
  • Upon seeing a streetlight: "Moon!"
  • Upon seeing a cookie, a coaster, a croissant, a Boppy pillow, nearly anything round or crescent-shaped*: "Moon!"
  • The only thing that can cheer the inconsolable little lad, who was sobbing late at night before he spiked a fever: Google image search for moon
  • The top three entities in his life: "Mama, Daddy, Moon!"

*You might think that a pizza would also elicit this response, but pizza (or, as he calls it, either "piZAAAAAA" or "miZAAAAA") is fourth on the list of important things (beating out prunes, shoes, and refried beans), and is therefore generally not conflated with the moon.


kostis said...

haha...i see a little astronomer in the making...

rachel said...

I can't not remind you of this: